Gulfmax Neutral Care Limited
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We are established manufacturer of lubricants that solve the issues pertaining vehicles,machines and moving parts.Gulfmax Nuetral care was founded and registered as private limited a decade ago . Our clients includes corporates,small businesses and machines owners who are spread across our country kenya.We have the following products

  • Grease
  • Brake and clutch fluids
  • Coolant

We aspire to the leading specialist in lubricants in the region



Gulfmax coolant is a ready to use formula that prevents hard water deposits that occur with the use of tap water,it can be used asp off product all vehicles including heavy duty machines with diesel engines..
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Gulfmax grease comes with lithium complex thickener,Ep additives,rust and oxidation inhibitor and tackiness additive. It serves maintenance cost,minimize downtime and minimize inventory costs. Recommended for wheel bearings....
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Brake fluid

Gulfmax 4 brake and clutch fluid is recommended for all vehicles and motorbikes that have hydraulic systems(ABS included) using synthetic fluids.It protects brake systems and recommended for DOTS4 &..
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Products Portfolio

  • All
  • Brake fluid
  • Grease
  • Coolant

App 1


Radiator Coolant 20l

Radiator Coolant Green20l

App 2


Gulfmax Premium Grease

Gulfmax Premium Grease 500ml

Gulfmax Radiator Coolant

Gulfmax Radiator Coolant Red 5l

Gulfmax Grease 3kg

Gulfmax Grease 3kg

Grease 3kg

Gulfmax Grease 3kg

Gulfmax Grease

Gulfmax Grease 17 Kg

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If you are looking for the Lubricants brands thats serves you and save the running cost for you go for Gulfmax Neutral care limited products



I would recommend the lubricants store to go for the Gulfmax Coolant,Brake Fluid or Grease since i started selling customers keeps coming again

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